*Collapses on the couch to start writing, but honestly wants to crawl into bed for a nap.*

Good grief. Nobody warned me that my four year old would turn out to be a sixteen year old trapped in a four year old's body. Like, how does that even work? The 'tude is strong wi...

Does the idea of flying with your baby or toddler scare the ever-loving daylights out of you? Are you frozen at the thought of walking through a crowded airport loaded down with tons of baby gear, bags, and any of the millions of other things (like a BABY)? Check out s...

You are more than a mom.

Those words come as a shock or even a slap in the face to some, because for those women, it's all they know. Rather, it's all they remember. 

I'm a mom that works outside of the home. It's difficult for me to see from this vantage point, but many...

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! 

Your kids have amazing teachers, and you want to make sure you show them how much you are thankful for how they pour into your kids each and every day. You've bought the tumbler with the custom decal, beach towel, movie credit, gift card...

"Wait... you're writing about being present and managing time, but you're telling me to throw away my to-do list??"

Just hold your horses (that's what my four-year-old tells me) and listen for a second.

Many well-intentioned to-do lists sit on desks, bedside tables, kitc...

Ever been in this scenario?

You- "We're going out to eat tonight!"

Kids- "Yay! Where are we going?"

You- ...

It never fails. You finally get a chance to go out to eat and enjoy a meal as a family, and not one of those places you've wanted to try come to mind! That steak re...

Hey you! Yeah, you... the one with no time, or what seems like it, and you're stressing out... 




And maybe say no, for once.

It gets so easy to fill the hours of the day with tasks, events, and things...

Young professionals attending every networking even...

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