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A caring doula supporting a laboring mother in a hospital. A rebozo is covering her knees.


The experience of pregnancy and birth has evolved over the years, especially in today’s modern era. I believe that the need for caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time is becoming more and more apparent. I see every pregnancy and birth as a miracle and each mother as loved and valued by God. As a birth doula and childbirth educator, I feel honored to be able to contribute my expertise to women and families in Concord, Kannapolis, Charlotte, Mooresville, Harrisburg, and other surrounding communities in North Carolina.

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The effects of the current pandemic are being felt by everyone. In days where many things seem uncertain, what remains certain is our commitment to you, the expecting family. We've adjusted some of our services and offer virtual options in order to continue serving you while remaining safe and healthy where needed. As of April 2021, all area hospitals and birth centers are allowing at least one partner and one support person (such as a doula) for each birthing woman. Some allow more. *Please check with your individual planned place of birth for the most current visitor guidelines to ensure your doula will be permitted to attend your birth in person.* 


While we are grateful that the transition back to in-person support has come for most, we still advocate for each birthing woman to have the support team she desires. Some of the virtual options that have proven helpful and convenient to clients, like private, tailored-to-you online childbirth classes, will remain.

Here at Heart of Grace, we keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open for growth opportunities. This season is no different.


Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been effected by the pandemic. 

"My first birth was traumatizing and although I didn’t make this birth unmedicated, it was so healing for me. She helped give me my control back and I knew everything was going to be ok. You won’t regret having Lindsay in your corner."


"During the weeks leading up to delivery, Lindsay helped me think through all of the different things there are to think through with pregnancy. She gave me resources, & prepared me for what I’d need to have decided prior to baby’s arrival. It eased my mind so much. I walked into delivery day with so much confidence & clarity, & felt so ready - & EXCITED."


"Lindsay helped me when I was stressed and unsure about what was happening, comforted me when I was emotional, and rejoiced with me when our sweet girl arrived! She has certainly been a great support and help to me during my pregnancy, during birth, and even postpartum. Her knowledge and experience in the field of birth support is more than evident in her work, even just over the phone. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a Doula!"


Victor Hugo

"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them"

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Serving Charlotte, Mint Hill, Matthews, Harrisburg, Concord, Kannapolis, Salisbury, Mooresville, Huntersville, Davidson, Albemarle, and surrounding communities in North Carolina

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