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Cheap or Free Teacher Appreciation Ideas for Elective Teachers

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Your kids have amazing teachers, and you want to make sure you show them how much you are thankful for how they pour into your kids each and every day. You've bought the tumbler with the custom decal, beach towel, movie credit, gift card, etc. You're all set and ready to go for their classroom teacher, and even their teacher assistant!

But WAIT! What about all the special area teachers? Music, PE, Art, Computer, Resource, etc... These teachers also invest time and energy into giving your kid a well-rounded school experience, but buying gifts for EVERY. SINGLE. TEACHER. could get awfully expensive. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to!

Here are some amazing FREE or SUPER INEXPENSIVE ways to show these special teachers you appreciate them without breaking the bank:

1. Handwritten notes

This is the simplest but probably the most impactful option is to have your kiddo hand-write a note to their teacher. If they can't write yet, you write it, and have them sign their name or even put their finger print with paint!

2. Fresh flowers from your yard

Have some daffodils growing beside your mailbox? Is there a rose bush or tree with pretty blooms outside in your yard? Cut a few blooms and wrap a wet paper towel around the bottom. They are certain to bring some light and happiness into your child's art teacher's day.

3. A movie box of their favorite candy

Every PE teacher needs a sweet treat now and again. For $1 each (sometimes less), you can get a movie box of candy from your local superstore or pharmacy. Pair that with a cute saying or pretty ribbon and you've got a winner! A bar of chocolate is also a great option here ;)

4. Something from your own business

Do you have a business making handmade goods that would make a great gift? Vinyl decals? Soaps? T-shirts? Gift your time and materials cost to make something amazing that your kids' music teachers will love.

5. Consult with Pinterest!

There are so many cute sayings that go with candy, pencils, pens, and other small gifts that would certainly bring a smile to a Computer teacher's face. How about "You're a lifesaver!" and attach a roll of Life Savers? Write "You've made a permanent mark on my life!" and attach a Sharpie or other permanent marker.

The possibilities are endless. Showing someone, especially teachers, that you appreciate what they do does not have to break the bank. It truly is the thought that counts.

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