The Birth of Selah Jubilee

It was July 22nd and I was exactly 41 weeks. I was open to trying some things to encourage labor to begin, so at my appointment that day I asked my midwife Haley to do a membrane sweep. After the sweep, I wasn’t confident that anything would come of it, but given that I was already 41 weeks, there was some hope. I went on about my day, feeling a little more crampy and uncomfortable than normal, but I didn’t think anything of it.

As per usual, after my older two kiddos were asleep, I got in bed that evening to watch our nightly episodes of The Office. Also as per usual, I fell asleep during the second one. I woke at about 10:45pm to the end credits of the second episode and the sound of my husband Jared telling some ridiculous dad jokes. It was then that I felt what I now know was the first real labor contraction. I’d had random ones before, but only one here and there, hours or days apart. Then I felt another one. And another. Jared started timing them (after he stopped telling dad jokes), and we quickly realized these were coming about 5-7 minutes apart. We called Erica, the midwife on call, at about 11pm and together decided that it would be best to come in to the birth center to at least be checked. This was my third baby, after all, and my last labo