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It’s ok to be ok.


In the postpartum time, after a woman gives birth, SO many things are happening... physically, emotionally, relationally... ALL THE THINGS! Energy is low or nonexistent from lack of sleep, emotions can be all over the place because of the hormone levels going back to their pre-pregnancy state, organs shifting back to their original place, and a whole host of other things. A lot of women live in a fog for a good while after giving birth. Many find themselves dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety. It can be really, really rough after birth.

But sometimes it's not.

Sometimes you have a beautiful birth that couldn't have gone better! You feel great physically, baby is feeding exactly how you want him to, you have amazing support at home, and you feel so loved by all those around you. Then you remember your good friend who just had a traumatic birth and is having to really work through a lot physically, emotionally, and even mentally, and you start to feel guilty. You actually feel bad for feeling great.


Those friends need you. The ones that had a rough birth need support from those who are physically and emotionally equipped to give it. Those in your same shoes who had amazing birth experiences need to know that it's ok to be ok.

If you're not ok and you need help, please reach out. Do not feel like you have to do it on your own. Whether you are local to me or not, send me a message. I may only be able to help you by offering a word of encouragement, but I'm happy to do it.

If you are ok, keep going! Thank the Lord for the blessing of good health, then turn around and find someone to support.

It really is ok to be ok.

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